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Bath Bombs

Bring the spa to your home!

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Soak away your troubles with our all-natural, sensitive-skin-friendly bath bombs! Our bombs have no dyes, sparkles, messes, or nasty artificial scents. We use only high-quality essential oils to give you a luxurious aromatherapy experience in your tub. Relax and enjoy - guilt-free!

4 scents to choose from:

Lavender Dreams - lavender, bergamot, vanilla, grapefruit

Sweet Orangecicle - sweet orange, vanilla

Sinus Relief - peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary

Sweet Birch Soda - sweet birch, sweet orange, vanilla



Drop the bomb in your tub, jump in and relax! You will step out of the tub calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Store in an air tight container to preserve the scent.


Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, coconut oil, clay, essential oils blends.

Escape from reality!

Escape from the stress of your daily grind. Relax and let the natural ingredients go to work, melting away tension and leaving you feeling sparkling clean!