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Bamboo Body Brush

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Body brushing energizes the body, increasing circulation and blood flow.

It can stimulate drainage from the lymphatic system to smooth out your skin's surface, and brush away dry flakes and rough patches — evening out lumps and bumps, including cellulite and inflammation.

This can also help the lymphatic system release toxins, aiding digestion and kidney function. You'll notice a glowy, smooth complexion and soft skin!

It can be used to dry brush or in the shower to clean.


  1. Start at your feet and move up your body.
  2. Brush your skin using wide, circular, clockwise motions.
  3. Use light pressure in areas where your skin is thin and harder pressure on thicker skin, like the soles of your feet.
  4. Brush your arms after you have brushed your feet, legs, and mid-section. You should brush upward towards your armpits.
  5. After dry brushing, take a cool shower to help remove the dry skin.
  6. After your shower, dry off and then consider adding our natural body oil.


Hang to dry. Do not leave in the shower or resting in water.


The handle is made from Bamboo and the bristles are Sisal Fibres.

Tired of dry flaky skin?

Dry brushing is an easy and effortless way to not only exfoliate your skin, but to also energize your body and mind.