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Pumice Stone

Soft enough for sensitive skin.

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These stones are used to deeply exfoliate rough areas of skin. Pumice stones are perfect for at-home pedicures because they are rough enough to scrub away the dead skin on your feet. The black stone is more durable and porous than other white/cream options because it has not been over-processed, bleached, or reshaped.


Wet the pumice stone and rub on your feet to remove dead skin.


Lava Stone

Have a spa night every night!

Pumice stone is perfect for exfoliating your feet and bringing them back to their baby-soft glory.

Top Questions your Customers are ASking....


How long does it last?

The soap bag should last around 1 year, depending on how often you leave it.

Can I put my shampoo bars in the bag?

Yes, this is a great way to extend the life of your hair bars.

What is sisal?

Sisal come from Agave. It is an anti microbial fibre that is used in a variety of different ways to create eco conscious products.