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Facial Cleansing Pads

Crafted with cotton that won't easily fall apart

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Go green and go clean with our Facial Cleansing Pads! Our reusable and eco-friendly invention is the perfect alternative to wasteful single-use facial wipes – it's zero-waste and super sustainable! Plus, they come with a handy mesh bag and a sturdy cardboard storage box (no more scrabbling around for lost pads!). Put your daily cleansing routine on the right track and make the switch today!


Use as you would a disposable cotton pad. Then place in the mesh bag for easy storage and cleaning.


Made from sustainably sourced bamboo cotton.

Take your skincare to the next level - no hassle, less mess!

Our sturdy cotton pads won't disintegrate mid-cleanse, giving you perfect pampering every time. 

Top Questions your Customers are ASking....


How long does it last?

The soap bag should last around 1 year, depending on how often you leave it.

Can I put my shampoo bars in the bag?

Yes, this is a great way to extend the life of your hair bars.

What is sisal?

Sisal come from Agave. It is an anti microbial fibre that is used in a variety of different ways to create eco conscious products.