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Reusable Zip Lock

Ditch the ziplock bags.

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Perfect for a plethora of almonds, an army of pickles, multiple families of grapes, a good old-fashioned bologna + wonder bread + mayo sandwich (NOT NO HARD PASS), or just a real mess of M&M trail mix. Ditch the single-use plastic bags! 

Hand Wash and Air Dry

Made from FDA Grade Eco-Friendly Peva Material.  They are all BPA Free and Chloride Free. 

8.25 x 4 inches Small

8.25 x 7.5 inches Medium

10 x 10 inches Large


Use for snacks or as your liquid bag at the airport. Fill it up with what ever you would like and enjoy and air tight seal.


Hand Wash Only


Made from PEVA

It's time to say goodbye to single use bags!

Each Peva ziplock replaces 300 single use ziplock bags!